Playing Dress Up

You would think that as a writer my first post would be something profound, thought-provoking or even poetic. But honestly, I need a post so I can see what this new website, the whole outfit, is going to look like. This site and I are having a love/hate relationship right now and I’m not ready to air all the dirty laundry in a rant about Widgets, URLs, and privacy options, not to mention fonts. (We all know it’s the font that makes the site. Am I right?)  I just want a pretty place to show off to you, my readers. So we have been busy trying on different dresses and pairing it with the right accessories. Please have patience as I learn how to keep my settings, that I spent hours on, from disappearing when I press Publish. I’m just so thankful you are here and I promise this site will be as funny and entertaining as it is beautiful, once I find the right pair of shoes!


4 thoughts on “Playing Dress Up

  1. From another WP blogger I completely understand the frustration…my fav is when they change settings for you! It becomes and Easter Egg Hunt behind the scenes…

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