My Yearly Motto



New Year’s resolutions are all fine and good for some, but I usually find them too difficult to remember or by March they are no longer relevant. So instead, I do yearly mottos. Last year was DARE YOURSELF. Yes, I got it from the swimsuit issue of a Roxy catalogue and I’m pretty sure they weren’t talking about improving your reading list. But, it can be applied to so much. And for me it meant completing something. 

I love new things and get easily distracted by ideas. During my home interior design phase I changed the wall color of my kitchen so often my husband said we were losing square footage from the thickness of the paint alone. I once started a home-based business and as soon as it started growing and flourishing, I no longer had the desire so I shut it down. Acrylics and canvases are packed away in storage after I swore I wanted to sell art. I have a history of jumping from one thing to the next. So when I decided I was going to write a novel, I saw the Roxy cover and it clicked. “Wendi,” I said to myself, “I dare you to finish a novel!” It worked and I even managed to learn the publishing process and submit it to editors near and far. Two are very interested and I hope to have a contract next month. Not bad for my first attempt at writing and publishing! 

So, this year my motto is LIVE OUTSIDE THE BOX. See that picture up there? That is Gee Atherton during his downhill mountain bike race run at RedBull Rampage in Utah a few years ago. He and his family have made a living out of doing what the love. They get to travel all over the world and get paid to ride bikes. Down mountains. They love what they do and they’ve turned it into a career. Not many of us are programmed to do that. Or maybe we are and we’ve just been reprogrammed to do the whole 9 – 5 thing for 50 years and then retire. 

I admire people that live a life less ordinary. My husband and I are preparing to do that: buy a boat and sail the world. We have a few years, but this year is all about getting into that mentality to live outside the box.  


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