Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

images-8Well, not always. I broke up with a lot of guys over the years and it never hit me as hard as the one time someone broke up with me. That someone turned out to be my husband and we didn’t stay apart very long! 😉 Nor have we ever parted since.

But there were times when a guy and I just parted; one day we both suddenly realized the feelings weren’t there any more. Or maybe they never were and we never bothered to look deep enough. And we broke up without broken hearts. We just went our separate ways and there were no hard feelings. I wouldn’t even call them my ‘ex’ because that just gave the wrong impression. They were more like ‘that guy I used to hang out with’.

My publisher for Six Days and I just broke up. It was over a year ago when I signed the contract and being a first time author I was super pumped about landing a book deal so early in my career. I had been warned that the publishing process takes time, to be patient. And I was. Then I heard rumors and rumblings but I held fast, knowing this was the right place for my book. But just as in any relationship, things change. The publishing house went through some structural changes, redefining their lines and shifting the books under them. They were growing, becoming something more. And it was exciting for them.

But there wasn’t a place for me and Six Days. It just didn’t fit anymore. So last month we took a long hard look at each other, the publisher and I, and we decided it was time to part ways. And it was civil and nice and there were no hard feelings. I get my rights back immediately without having to wait months before resubmitting it to other publishers.

Sure, I was let down and disappointed, because honestly, what writer out there doesn’t want a traditional publisher for their first book ever?  But after about 17 minutes of pity-party and with massive amounts of support from family and friends, I got over it. There are so many options out there and the world just opened up for my book. I will find the right relationship with another house that will help the book be it’s best.

And that other publishing house? Eh, they’re just a pub house I used to hang out with. 😉

4 thoughts on “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

  1. Hi, Breaking up is necessary in order to find other paths.  Your determination will find that publisher who knows a good writer is you. Love you and we are especially proud of your hard work and drive. Daddy and Moma

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