It Finally Happened!

D2SCoverFinalpngMy novel Dust To Stone is now available on Amazon, eBook and Print. I hope to offer it at Barnes & Noble and would love to have it in independent book stores all over, but let me tell you – getting it uploaded to Amazon was a feat in itself! 🙂 I’m very tech-challenged.

I find it easier to write over 81,000 words than to format the manuscript. You know that saying, “It takes a village”? Yeah, it took my village and some strangers to get it published. But we did it! 🙂

If you happen to download it or buy a paperback, I hope you enjoy Aiden’s journey with PTSD. His service dog Butler certainly helps day to day life, but it’s McKenna who gives him the motivation to push the boundaries he set. All this is set on the remote Aran Islands, three tiny islands off the west coast of Ireland. Such a beautiful place! I hope to go back one day and leave a few copies of my books there.

Thank you everyone that helped make this happen. I learned so much about the writing and publishing process and can’t wait to use that knowledge on my next novel, which has already been started. It’s the story of a young man from a small southern town who inadvertently falls in love with a serial killer. This one’s going to be a thrill to finish for you all!

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