Dust To Stone coming April,2018

Copper and Aiden

Irish actor Kevin J Ryan and his dog Copper, my real life inspiration for my main characters Aiden and Butler in Dust To Stone.


It has been a long road getting Dust To Stone to press but it is happening! April, 2018 to be exact. PTSD is not easy to capture in 80,000 words, but Aiden’s story was a joy to write. My biggest fear is that people will read his journey and assume everyone with PTSD suffers the same and therefore can be helped the same. I interviewed many people, mainly military veterans like Aiden, who used a variety of aids like hypnosis, acupuncture, yoga, even surfing coupled with traditional treatments like medication and talk therapy. What worked for Aiden won’t work for every other sufferer. As adorable as he is, an alert dog like Butler may not help every trauma victim. My intent with writing Dust To Stone is immerse the reader into Aiden’s story, set in the beautiful country of Ireland.

Here’s a little blurb to tide you over until its release date:

An Irish war veteran suffering from PTSD lives a quiet, safe life on the Aran Islands with his service dog Butler. Aiden is coping until he finds a woman’s body on the shore. McKenna brings emotions to the surface that he has tried to forget but when her life is on the line, he’s fighting much more than his past.


I can’t wait to share the cover with you soon! Keep checking back here or follow me on Twitter or Instagram to get the latest on Dust To Stone and my other works in progress.


5 Works in Progress!

I told you I’m terrible at consistency when it comes to keeping a diary. Remember this post? I did warn you. Sorry if you’ve been waiting with bated breath! 😉 But, I have been writing, just nothing you can read right now.

Six Days is still at the publishers waiting for edits. It has been a very slow process; it’s my first book deal so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Apparently, patience. And I’ve got it because I’ve been working on five other projects. They are all in various stages of completion but the one I’m working on currently, the one I’m most excited about doesn’t even have a name! Of course, Six Days didn’t have its name until I had to start shopping it around.

My current work in progress (WIP) is about an Irish war vet who is sent home from the war in Syria on a medical discharge after an IED explosion killed his best friend and wounded him. The idea was inspired by this video I saw several months ago:  I jotted a rough blurb on a post-it note and stuck it in my notebook.

Then, on a long flight from Ireland and the UK two months ago a plot popped into my head: an Irish War Veteran dealing with PTSD demons by escaping to the remote Aran Islands off the west coast of Ireland. He has Butler, his veteran guide dog to help him adjust to life away from war. But then he meets McKenna and finds himself leaving his safe haven to watch her six. Somebody has to because someone is trying to kill her.  Thus began my fifth novel.

Inishmore, Ireland

Inishmore, Ireland

I had such a great time in Ireland and fell in love with the people! I want to go back and live there for a while. Inishmore, the largest of the three islands, is a well known writers retreat. Perfect! Let me go pack my bags!

And like my other novels, I need inspiration for my characters.

The handsome Irish actor, Kevin Ryan is now my novel's Aiden Monaghan.

The handsome Irish actor, Kevin Ryan is now my novel’s Aiden Monaghan.

Let me introduce you to Aiden Monaghan, aka Kevin J. Ryan, a brilliant actor who just so happens to be from Dublin! I’m excited about this novel and hope to have it done in a few months, depending on life events.

The other four novels are sitting there waiting. I look at them every now and then, but I’m too excited to finish Aiden’s story to take the time to dive back into them. Oh, and I can’t forget Butler, his dog… you know you want to see him! 

He’s a German Shepard who was trained to meet Aiden’s PTSD needs. He wakes him up from nightmares, nudges him out of flashbacks and can clear a room like a SEAL team! Unfortunately, he can do nothing about Aiden falling head over heels in love with McKenna! 

#tbt Butler as a puppy!

#tbt Butler as a puppy!